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November 16 2017


Russian translator: how I found the best one

«Russian translator?» - oh, there are plenty of of them! That’s what my colleague told me while i asked her that helped me to locate the best Russian translator. «Just google!» I googled. Google filled me with a big listing of translation companies who offer English to Russian translation company. I known as a handful of them and sent my files for quotation. Unfortunately, the price ended up being the greatest one. Not in doing my budget. I reckon that, That's not me on your own. That’s why I decided to publish content concerning how to look for a Russian translator within your budget.

I made a decision to research my main requirements. I needed an experienced Russian translator who is able to handle an advertising text, there was around 3K words in the text. The deadline ended up being obtain the Russian translation within 4 days. Russian translation companies inside london quoted around 300 pounds for 3K words, and the project could possibly be completed within 6 days. To much time and very costly. Then it stumbled on me, that I could look for a Russian translator in the rest on the planet. The original search I did so using «Russian translator London». Then I thought we would use other keywords «Russian translator USA», «Russian translator new york», «Russian translator los angeles», etc. Last but not least, I have found the very best professional translator to translate English to Russian using the best rates and terms! Hanna quoted double lower than Russian translation companies inside london. And She managed to complete the project in doing my deadline - 72 hours! Excellent Russian translator services! Strongly recommended!
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